The Cotswold Way’s 50th Anniversary

The Cotswold Way will be 50 in May …  It was set up through the efforts of Tony Drake and Cyril Trenfield of the Ramblers, and the fledgling Cotswold Wardens, and was officially opened on 17th May 1970.  The day was marked by a number of Ramblers groups walking the whole length of the path.  It became the fourth long distance path in the country.

Before the Covid-19 crisis the CWA and the Cotswold Conservation Board planned to mark the Cotswold Way’s 50th Anniversary with a number of celebratory events.  In light of recent events, these will no longer take place in 2020. We are hoping to celebrate the end of the 50th year in 2021 instead.

Despite the current restrictions, you can still appreciate some of the scenery along the Cotswold Way from your armchair through the Cotswold Way Street View

The beauty of one of the best walking routes in the UK comes at a cost, so we have also planned a major fundraising campaign. The popularity of the route, attracting some 200,000 walkers a year, causes significant erosion to the surface of the trail. This is especially true at pinch-points such as stiles and kissing gates. Repairing a single gate area can cost £75 in materials alone, and the Cotswold Way has several hundred of them!  Repairing landslips and extremely muddy sections can cost thousands. 

How you can help …

  • Plan a fundraising event on the Cotswold Way for 2021
  • Join the Cotswold Way Association by clicking HERE
  • Make a donation through our Virgin Money Giving Cotswold Way 50th Anniversary Appeal campaign page which is being used to streamline the fundraising effort – just click below …

Ways to show support

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Preserve The Cotswolds’ Ways

Preserve The Cotswolds' Ways