The Cotswold Way Companion (Paperback)



The Cotswold Way Companion: an insider guide

This book will help you to get the most out of walking the Cotswold Way – it focuses on the main points of interest, where to get the best views and take photographs, and so on. If you hadn’t thought about stepping out on the Cotswold Way, hopefully you will after reading it. If you’ve decided to walk the trail, or just a section of it –  perhaps one of its Circular Walks – it will add considerably to your anticipation and enjoyment. If you’ve already walked on the trail, it will help you to remember the good times you had and, perhaps, whet your appetite to come back to see what you missed.

The book is special not just because of its focus, though. It’s the work of people with great knowledge and experience of the trail: members of the Cotswold Way Association and Cotswold Voluntary Wardens who patrol the trail and lead walks on it. Also, proceeds from sales will go towards the upkeep and improvement of the trail.

This Preview gives you further details of the book’s contents, along with illustrations of the types of improvement projects the book’s proceeds will be spent on. Buy both paperback and eBook and you will be offered one year’s free individual CWA membership to help keep making a difference.

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