What we do

Our mission is to promote, for the public benefit, the conservation and protection of the Cotswold Way and its surrounding environment and habitat, including the Cotswold Way Circular walks, linking and access routes and other named trails in the area.

  • We work in partnership with Cotswolds National Landscape and the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens, to carry out core maintenance of the Cotswold Way and the other listed trails.
  • We engage with user groups and those responsible for day-to-day maintenance to identify possible improvements over and above the basic requirements
  • We commission work to implement these improvements – supporting, wherever possible, local volunteer organisations in carrying out the work with expenses and materials
  • We make grants to volunteer organisations putting forward their own practicable improvement proposals

Did you know a kissing gate costs about £400, a way mark post about £50 and the materials to restore one metre of footpath from erosion about £40?

The CWA commissions work to make improvements – the work being carried out by local volunteer organisations where possible, with the CWA paying for expenses and materials. It may also offer grants to volunteer organisations putting forward their own improvement proposals. Projects the CWA funds are very practical:

  • better waymarking and supplying information boards
  • creating steps on steep slopes
  • replacing stiles with gates
  • installing benches where appropriate
  • erosion restoration
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Project suggestions

Let us know if you have any ideas for a CWA project by completing this  Application for CWA Funding Form or contact us at info@cotswoldwayassociation.org.uk .

To read the CWA Trustees Reports please click on the following

The AGM of the CWA took place on the 28th October 2022, here are the Minutes